Growers United tournament dinner raises thousands for charity

THE business bosses behind the Vale's Growers United event have scored again as their latest fundraiser made more than £10,000 in one evening. Every year the Growers United Football Club holds a tournament to bring the growing communities together with each other and the locals as well as to raise money for charity. This year will be no different with the Copa America 2015 cup weekend set to take place on July 11 and 12 at Evesham United Football Club in support of Birmingham Children's Hospital and Cancer Research UK. Last year an incredible £9,900 was raised and over the years the event has made around £16,000 for charity. But this time round they are set to raise more than ever with £10,547.87 already raised for Birmingham Children's Hospital and Cancer Research UK through a evening dinner event. More than 100 people attended the event, which saw Mickey Quinn from Talk Sports give a speech.

Bal Padda, owner of Vicarage Nurseries in Bretforton, who arranged the event and organises the tournament, said he was amazed at how much they had already raised. "When it came to the total I thought it was phenomenal," he said. "I was gobsmacked. It's the first time we have done an evening dinner like this. Some of the bosses sat down and did it, we were laying up and putting the chair covers on, it was nice for us to do ourselves. Like a team building thing as well. "Mickey was great, very funny, and everyone had a good time." Following the success of the meal and last year's event the focus for Mr Padda is now on the tournament this summer. The last event saw 32 teams from 15 different countries and there could be even more this year, showing the unity that the event stands for. "We are a community but really we get divided by what's going on around the world," added Mr Padda. "But sport is a great way to bring people together and it doesn't matter what language you speak, we all understand it." For more information visit or contact Bal Padda at Vicarage Nurseries on 01386 833753.