UK Fruit & Vegetable Awards winners named - GROWERS UTD FC

Industry-voted awards highlight examples of excellence by both individuals and companies.

The winners of the first UK Fruit & Vegetable Awards have been announced. The awards were voted for entirely by FPJ readers, meaning the winners have truly won the acclaim of their peers. FPJ editor Michael Barker said: "We were overwhelmed with the response, both in terms of the numer of entries and votes, and I'm delighted to be able to reveal the first-ever winners of these exciting new awards. "Whoever your favourites happened to be, I'm sure everyone would agree these are extremely worthy winners. We will be visiting the winners to present their awards over the coming weeks and featuring more pictures and stories in the new year." Full details of all the entries are available here. The winners are: Lea Valley Growers Association Unsung Hero Award WINNER Moira Henderson – Greenvale 2nd Dobri Kraev – AC Goatham & Son 3rd Dave Morrison – Cornerways It’sFresh! Product or Packaging Innovation Award WINNER= British Red Sweet Onions – Bedfordshire Growers WINNER= Sweet Sprouting Cauliflower – Produce World 3rd Pink Lady – Coregeo Farmcare Award for Initiative in Growing or R&D WINNER Bakkavor & Hammond Produce 2nd Alan Bartlett & Sons 3rd Produce World Digital Initiative WINNER Love Your Greens – The Little Big Voice 2nd AC Goatham & Son 3rd Pink Lady New Face Award WINNER Briony Dunmore –BanaBay 2nd Laura Drew – Greenvale 3rd Jack Ward – BGA Charitable Initiative WINNER Growers United FC 2nd Alan Bartlett & Sons 3rd Greenvale – Bees The Barfoots Green Award WINNER Vitacress 2nd The Watercress Company 3rd Asda The Wholesale Innovation Award WINNER Reynolds 2nd P&I Side Salads 3rd Sunnyfield BanaBay Award for Best Marketing Campaign WINNER Super 6 – Aldi 2nd Love Your Greens – The Little Big Voice 3rd Tenderstem – Coregeo MDS Award for Excellence in HR, Training or Recruitment WINNER Produce World 2nd Greenvale 3rd Cornerways Total Produce Award for Best Supporter of British WINNER AC Goatham & Son 2nd Aldi 3rd Mansfields Fruit Grower/Supplier of the Year WINNER AC Goatham & Son 2nd S&A Produce 3rd AJ & CI Snell Vegetable Grower/Supplier of the Year WINNER The Wasabi Company 2nd Produce World 3rd Nightlayer Leek Co. Salad Grower/Supplier of the Year WINNER The Watercress Company 2nd Abbey View Produce 3rd Freshtime UK Potato Grower/Supplier of the Year WINNER Greenvale 2nd Nene Potatoes 3rd AKP Group The Lifetime Achievement Award WINNER Clive Goatham 2nd Dr Steve Rothwell 3rd Graeme Beattie