Charity Dinner raises over £20,000

On Saturday 12th March 2016, Growers United FC (where FC stands for 'For Charity', 'For Community' ) held a Charity Auction Ball at the Bank House and Spa Hotel in Worcester, where over 300 people representing businesses from around the United Kingdom came together in order to raise money for three amazing causes; * The Birmingham Children's Hospital * Cancer Research * Once Upon a Smile

And what a night it was…

The Growers United FC initiative aims to raise funds for charity, promote horticulture and agriculture within the region, and encourage integration between different cultures and communities! All this through a shared world passion; Football.

The Black Tie Ball was enjoyed by all who attended, and everyone dug deep to help raise staggering £22,000 on the evening.

There was even a surprise guest speaker in Liverpool legends Neil 'The Razor' Ruddock and comedian John Maloney had everyone in tears of laughter.

Other recognisable celebrities at the event included soap stars Danny B Miller, Daniel Jillings and Billy Quarmby, and the mighty famous British professional kickboxer Kash ‘The Flash’ Gill.

With all the fun and glamour of the evening, Bal Padda, who started the Growers United cause and charity in 2012, reminded everyone the real reason of the event, which was to help the people who are less fortunate than us whilst brining together communities, cultures and businesses.

We were fortunate to have representatives from all the three charities Growers United FC are supporting this year, to highlight everything they have been able to do with the monies raised through the Growers United FC cause and how soo many people are benefiting from this.

Maria Parker from Cancer Research, Daniel Jinnings from Once Upon a Smile, Annie Eytle from Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity all gave heartwarming speeches, which just proved that working together and raising money for charity can really make a difference.

Growers United FC has grown in popularity since it started in 2012, and with this in mind, we will continue to do as much as possible to raise funds for these great charities.

More photos from the evening can viewed on our GALLERY!