General Rules International 9-a-side Football Tournament

Growers Utd FC has insurance taken out for Public Liability to the value of £2.5 million and Employers Liability to the value of £10 million. It is advised Players / Teams take out their own Accidental / Personal Injury for any Player to Player Injuries.

Growers Utd FC will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained in our tournaments, unless there is an act of gross negligence by a member of Growers Utd FC staff.

  • The Registration for the tournament will take place at 08:45am or 01:00pm on Saturday 8th July, depending which group you are in. It is very important that all teams arrive on time.

Team captains are required to submit a signed / dated copy of the General Rules, Injury disclaimer signed by all playing members of each team.

  • The tournament will begin with Registration, introduction of the venue and timings, group photos and designating pitches.

  • The Group Stages will be played on Saturday 8th July, with the quarter-semi-final and final played on Sunday 9th July

  • Group Stages, will start and finish by a single horn blow. Starting and ending games simultaneously will save time!

  • The knock out stages will be started and stopped by the Referee’s whistle

  • There are only nine players on each side including the goalkeeper

  • The teams are allowed to bring up to 15 players to compete in the tournament

  • No under 18 years old

  • The game is played on a normal pitch with the clearly defined penalty areas and side lines

  • The ball will not be able to rebound off the edges of the pitch and therefore normal out-of-bounds rules apply

  • If the ball leaves the pitch- the standard football rules apply, i.e. throw-in from the side-line

  • Whistles will be used by referees to stop play during all stages, i.e. fouls and injuries but no stoppage time will be allocated

  • The duration of the group stages will be 25 minutes only and without changing sides. After the groups stages games will be 30 mins.

  • A simple coin toss at the beginning of each game will decide which sides the teams will be playing on.

  • The games will be refereed by one referee, i.e. no linesmen. Therefore, we ask all players to obey fair play rules. This will keep everyone safe and happy throughout the tournament!

  • Foul and hand ball rules will be followed just as in standard football

  • No slide tackles are allowed

  • Players are allowed to pass the ball to their own keeper but the Goalkeeper is not allowed to pick it up, i.e. standard back pass rules apply

  • All restarts after the goals are from the middle of the field

  • There is no off-side rule in all the games throughout the tournament.

  • In all the games there will be a maximum of 5 subs allowed per game

  • All subs have to be recognised by the referee but no stoppage time for them will be allowed

  • Players who have come off the pitch in one game cannot re-enter it until the next game


  • Yellow and red cards will be given for fouls and infringement of rules as in regular football games

  • Two yellow cards in group stages means missing the next match. This also applies to matches in the knock out stages

  • Two yellow cards in one game equals a red card and being sent off the pitch with immediate disqualification from the tournament

  • General laws of the game will be applied, i.e. careless play=Foul, reckless play=Yellow and excessive use of force= Red

  • Red cards will be awarded straight away for any deliberate and excessive use of force

  • Only Registered players can play in the tournament and only for the team they are registered, no transfers of players.


Scoring games

  • Each win in the group stage will be awarded 3 points

  • 1 point for a draw

  • 0 points for a defeat

  • All games involving tournament drop-outs, i.e. teams who are late arriving on the day or absent from their games, will be settled as goal-less draws with no points awarded. Those teams who are present on the day but are more than 5 minutes late for the beginning of their game will be deemed to forfeit their game

  • In case of game forfeits 3 points will be awarded to the team which is ready and able to play. No points will be awarded to the team forfeiting the game

  • In group stages: if teams finish on the same number of points, the outcome will be decided by the goal difference. If goal difference is the same, outcome will be decided on their head to head game. If that was a draw then a penalty shootout will take place. 5 penalties each, different players taking each penalty. Goal keepers are allowed to take a penalty.

  • In knock-out stages: Five consecutive penalty shots taken in turns will decide the outcome of each game.

  • If the score is still inconclusive then penalties will be taken in turns until a winner is revealed. This rule also applies to the final match.

  • Winners and runner-ups in all eight groups will be paired accordingly to play each other in quarter-finals, i.e. the winner of group A will play the runner-up of group B etc. A separate appendix explaining the pairings will be provided to all teams

The Final

  • The Final game will be played on the main pitch

  • The Final game will be 60 minutes long with two 30-minute-long halves

  • The Final game will have a 5 minutes half- time break between the halves

  • The Final will be played between two 11-a-side teams

  • Because only 15 players per team are allowed on the day, the teams playing in the Final will have only 4 substitutions available

  • With the exception of the no-slide-tackle rule, the Final game will be played according to the standard FA rules

Safety and other team info

  • All teams/players are advised to bring shin pads and suitable footwear to the tournament. No jewellery is to be worn during the games. These are the standard FA rules and since the tournament is FA registered the organisers have an obligation to enforce them.

  • All teams but b

  • Personal safety of players and fans, the spirit of fair play and respect for each other are absolutely key elements of the tournament. Our main aim is to enjoy the competition while keeping everybody safe and welcomed on the day.

  • All teams are advised to bring their own First Aid kits to tournament. Bringing first aiders alongside would be also appreciated

  • Additionally, the Evesham United Club will provide their own first aiders to assist with injuries and medical emergencies on the day

  • We are asking all managers to convey the rules of the tournament to their players, if necessary in the players’ native languages. The Rules will be explained during the registration. Referees and organisers will be available to answer any potential queries

  • Each team will be provided with the Registration pack which will include team registration sheets.

  • Each team manager will be responsible for recording goals scored by his team members. This will be then used to reveal the Tournament’s Golden Boot competition winner. A separate team sheet will be provided for this.

  • Finally, we encourage all players to showcase their ability on and off the pitch with the view that the Tournament will be observed by professional scouts.