Growers United FC initiative, where FC means
'for Charity'. for 'Community'


“The Growers United FC, also known as GUFC, is a new initiative bringing together local businesses and communities around sport and other fun family activities”.


Growers United FC provides an excellent opportunity to use football as a way towards creating greater community spirit and cohesion. Our events offer a real chance for people of different backgrounds to come together and enjoy each other’s company. Football and food are loved with the same passion all over the world, so we want everyone to celebrate things that we have in common. Through bringing together local growers and businesses, GUFC helps promote horticulture as a key sector of local economy in addition to encouraging healthy life-styles through exercise and enjoyment of fantastic locally grown produce.


The idea of Growers United originated in Autumn 2012 when Evesham United FC was first approached by Vicarage Nurseries, a local horticultural business, with support from Wychavon District Council, in order to organise a charity football match between local growers and the Club. There and then, Growers United was born! Despite the challenging weather conditions and very little time to prepare, the original match between Growers United and Evesham United drew a sizeable crowd. Most importantly, we managed to raise more than £2000 for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital on that memorable windy and cold October day.


Since that day, Growers United has grown to great effect and is now currently in its forth year. During that time, many charity Football matches have been organized against the likes of TV Soap Stars, West Bromich Albion and Liverpool Legends, in addition to holding numerous action packed 9-a-side ‘World Cup’ and 'Copa America' Weekend tournaments.


As more and more people get involved, we continue to organise these events in order to break down barriers to a fuller community integration, and more importantly, healthier lifestyles.


Growers United FC has established itself as one of the leading corporate social responsibility projects in the Vale of Evesham. Our aim will continue to concentrate on bringing together local businesses and communities, whilst supporting numerous charities and building stronger links among local residents.


Football is OUR PLATFORM on which all this good work has been done and we will continue our efforts for years to come.



Growers United FC Focus and Aims:

•    GUFC is a corporate social responsibility project: horticultural and agricultural businesses raise money for local charities and thus give back to their local communities

•    GUFC supports community cohesion and combats all forms of racism, xenophobia and prejudice: the teams participating in the football tournament are made up of various nationalities, cultures and religions which encourages greater understanding between host and migrant communities; GUFC shows that sport can be a hugely effective and powerful too capable of bringing down barriers in communities

•    GUFC showcases the Vale of Evesham: great for marketing locally grown British produce, brilliant for inward investment and boosting tourism

•    GUFC promotes considering careers in horticulture and agriculture: GUFC works in close partnership with Pershore College part of Warwickshire College on the apprenticeship scheme

•    GUFC provides and excellent platform for businesses to cooperate on business and community matters: growers have forged closer links thanks to GUFC

•    GUFC promotes healthy life styles: brilliant for boosting public health awareness and taking up sports

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